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The vocational education and training programmes

The Danish vocational education and training programmes are sandwich-type or dual-type programmes, where practical training in a company alternates with teaching at a vocational college.

Aalborg Business College offers educational programmes in the fields of business and allows our students to specialise in:

  • Commerce
  • Administration
  • Retail
  • Events

The programmes consist of up to two-years on-campus education and training - followed by a two-year apprenticeship.

EUX Innovation

The latest initiative that has gradually been introduced since 2010, the new EUX-programme, does represent a real innovation in the Danish VET-system. The EUX-programme integrates eligibility for higher education with a certificate for employment as a skilled worker (skilled worker’s certificate). The programme aims at two of the key challenges for the VET-system: by providing better access to higher education it seeks to improve the esteem of vocational education. In the comprehensive reform of the Danish VET-system that is being implemented from 2015, the EUX is assigned an important role.

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