Aalborg Business College

Aalborg Business College is a centre for new knowledge. We offer a wide variety of business-oriented degree programmes and courses for teens, adults and companies. The combination of an international perspective on day-to-day events, a strong teaching staff, and ongoing development of our programmes makes us one of the region's preferred institutes of learning.
We work in three areas:
  • EUD Business /EUX Busienss – basic training in retail/trade and office work
  • HHX – upper secondary education within the field of retail/trade and office work (higher commercial examination)
  • Courses – training programmes for private enterprises and the public sector (e.g. IT, languages, economics, sales and communication).


Aalborg Business College was established in 1875 and is now a self-governing public institution

HHX – Higher Commercial Diploma
Students: 1,500

EUX/EUD Business - Professional Apprenticeship Studies
Students: 900

Course Section
Course participants – 6,000 

Staff and lectures
Approx 300 in all
Turnover is 200 million Kroner.
Four campuses
Aalborg Handelsskole  |  Strandvejen 25  |  9000 Aalborg  |  Telefon 9936 4600  |  EAN 5798 0005 54375  |  ah@ah.dk